Photography Assignment: “Still Life” | #OperationShutterbug

Still Life

This week’s theme is “Still Life.” Still Life is defined as: Portrayal of something inanimate: a representation of inanimate objects such as fruit, flowers, or food, often in a domestic setting, in paintings, pictures, or photographs  (Bing Definitions) Here are some of my Still Life photos this week:   Here are a couple submissions from […]

#OperationShutterbug: “You”


This is the first week of my new weekly photo challenge. The theme this week was “You” – so here are photographic representations of myself. Here I re-worked a recent photo of me soaking up the sun, Can you see me? I use this spoon every morning in my coffee cup.   Are you joining […]

Curse You Ice Fog!!!


Tonight is something that does not happen very often. A Solar Storm! Up in the sky is an AMAZING display of color and beauty….but what do I have? Ice Fog. I went out tonight and hoped to see some good displays, but no luck. I did take a couple pictures, but it was so sad, […]

Aurora Borealis Encore


Tonight, I headed out to see if I could get a few more Aurora Borealis pictures. The lights were pale, but there. The wind was seriously kicking, and making the photos hard to take. But despite that, I got a couple pictures – I love when I see "reds."  

I’m a Glutton for Punishment


Since we moved to Alaska, I seriously have given up the idea of EVER getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. In the summer you don’t want to sleep because it is light all the time. In the cooler months you don’t want to sleep because you have things like this making an […]

Senior Photos | 2011


Well, my first post of 2011 is going to be of my "Class of 2011." Yesterday, I took my daughter and headed out on our first "photo shoot" for her senior photos. We went to a local park that has great character, and took lots and lots of pictures. It was actually somewhere between 12-15 […]