PCS 2013: Our New Home


After travelling thousands of miles, our next task was to find a place to live. This is probably one of the most stressful parts of PCSing. Searching for your new home, in a place you don’t yet know. After countless phone calls, and searches and “No, that house is already rented” or “No, we don’t […]

PCS 2013: Days 11-13 Northern California, Nevada and Utah

PCS 2013

Our next leg of the trip took us east through northern California and into Nevada. This was the beautiful Trinity River that we followed along Highway 299 for miles and miles. Coming into Redding, this was definitely not Alaska anymore! We drove through beautiful tree nut groves and farms and the headed up in elevation […]

Wrapping Up Wainwright

Volunteer Awards - Fort Wainwright, Alaska

In the past couple weeks, there has been tons going on around the Smith home. I received another completely unexpected award. Then I was “farewelled” by our troop. I was presented this lovely bowl. This is the inscription on the base. And my hubby was farewelled as well. And in the meantime…once again, everything we […]

The Rescue

The Joys of Moving

So, since we are moving many months before we were supposed to, we’ll never get the chance to see the snow melt and reveal our lawn ornaments. That means going in after them. Fun. So I went in…and dug and dug, sticking the shovel down it the snow as though I were a rescuer searching […]

Making Friends |#MilitaryMonday


Every couple years on average, army families are faced with new challenges. Lots of challenges all brought on by a simple piece of paper called “PCS Orders.”

Always Looming | #MilitaryMonday June 4, 2012


One of the things you know as an Army family, is that there is almost always a move looming ahead in your future. While we may still have a year left up here in the Last Frontier of Alaska, we know that a year from now we will be planning our next move. And a […]

2010–The Year in Review


The year of 2010 was a very exciting year for our family. I’m going to go through and do a month-by-month replay…… January We went on some local field trips to some beautiful places… We visited a 1700′s church out in the country.

PCS – Day 21: The Road to Alaska


After leaving Whitehorse, we headed out on the last leg of our trip before hitting the border of Alaska. This part was by far, the most rugged, wild, arduous, and beautiful driving of the entire trip. This portion of the drive took us through places like Haines Junction, Destruction Bay, and the Kluane National Park. […]

PCS Day 20: In Whitehorse, Yukon Territory


Here are some of the pictures we took around the Whitehorse area. First, something you see along the Alaskan Highway, every so often, is a display of old equipment that was used in the building of the highway. This particular selection was right at the rv park we stayed at in Whitehorse – the Hi […]

PCS: To Whitehorse, Yukon Territory | Our Last Night in Canada


The last place we stayed in Canada, was Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory. Whitehorse was the first real "civilization" we saw in Canada for some time. Most of the towns are very small, and have little there. Whitehorse made our family very happy. It had Starbucks AND Tim Horton’s….two of them! LOL The morning started […]

PCS: Watson Lake, Yukon Territory


Something I forgot to mention in my last post, was that shortly before seeing the Stone Sheep, we also saw a group of about 5 elk! We learned at that time, that if you see someone slowing down…get your camera ready….especially if they are taking a picture of "something." So after Muncho Lake, we headed […]

PCS: Muncho Lake, British Columbia


Our next stop was a beautiful place called Muncho Lake. When Jeff was a kid, his family drove through this way, and stayed here at Muncho Lake. Jeff caught his very first Lake Trout here, so it was a place of fond memories for him. Muncho Lake, population: 29. The first resident we met after […]