PCS 2013: Our New Home


After travelling thousands of miles, our next task was to find a place to live. This is probably one of the most stressful parts of PCSing. Searching for your new home, in a place you don’t yet know. After countless phone calls, and searches and “No, that house is already rented” or “No, we don’t […]

PCS 2013: Days 14 and 15 | Colorado


On our 14th day of travel, we made it to Colorado! We stayed at the James M. Robb Colorado River State Park. When we got to our spot, we found we had a camp host. There were also a few cotton tails hopping around camp. Jack was in charge of grilling supper that night! And […]

Whirlpool Canyon, Along the Alaskan Highway

Whirlpool Canyon - Alaskan Highway

On our drive down the Alcan, we made a stop at Milepost 516 at a small rest stop along side what is called “Whirlpool Canyon.” Whirlpool canyon is a section of the Liard River where massive rapids form whirlpools, and “icebergs”,” logs and more get swirled around and around. The area is amazingly beautiful, so […]

PCS 2013: Day 5 | Dawson Creek, British Columbia

Dawson Creek & The Alaskan Highway

We spent the evening in Fort Nelson, and enjoyed this beautiful rainbow just before we went to bed. The next morning, we got up and got on the road to Dawson Creek. We spent the night there at the “Mile 0 RV Park.” I wasn’t impressed with that place. The park itself looked nice enough, […]