Kadun Pika for a Budget-Friendly #SundaySupper

Kadun Pika

This week the Sunday Supper team is bringing you dishes that are easy on the wallet. Kadun Pika is a simple dish that was shared with me by my very dear friend, Pam, when we were neighbors at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Her husband’s family was from Guam, and this was a Chamorro dish that […]

A Throw-Back Recipe: Chipped Beef

Chipped beef

Yesterday, I shared this photo on Instagram and Twitter, and was blown away by all the feedback I received about it! My favorite being this one: “Yum is right! Brings memories of home and love and comfort and security”  

Bacon Potato Torte


I love, love, love this recipe. A flaky pie crust, creamy potatoes & apple wood smoked bacon. What’s not to love? Print Bacon Potato Torte IngredientsDough for double crust pie 4 cups sliced Potatoes (Red or Gold) 5 sliced thick-cut Apple wood-Smoke Bacon 1 cup grated Gruyere Cheese 1 cup Half & Half 1 teaspoon […]



When we lived in Germany, I simply loved having schnitzel when we went to any gasthaus. Traditionally schnitzel is made from veal, but you can also find many pork variations. This is my absolutely favorite schnitzel to make. The gravy is rich and creamy, and the schnitzel is crispy and tender. I dreamed about it […]

Jerk Chicken Chili | #SundaySupper


This week, the Sunday Supper group is sharing dinners that are quick and simple to put together…as a Back to School feature! We know how crazy it can be with activities when school starts back up. I know in my own homeschooling home, regular things get disrupted, and everything goes haywire until the new routine […]

Dad’s Favorite Roast Beef | #SundaySupper

Dad's Favorite Roast Beef

The day he left for his 3rd Deployment to Iraq.   In honor of Father’s Day, today the Sunday Supper group is sharing dishes in honor of the Dad’s. Whether it is their own father, or the father that lives in their home, these dishes are for them. I am sharing my husband’s favorite Roast […]

Kalbi Beef

kalbi beef

On my recent trip to Hawaii, I experienced some delicious food that I hadn’t had the pleasure of, and looked forward to replicating them in my kitchen. Here is the first – Kalbi Beef. Kalbi Beef is grilled, and because it is thin it cooks very quickly. It is a perfect weeknight meal! This could […]