Waimea Bay | May 11, 2012


On day 3 of the 4 day conference, when the work was over, Iris and I headed back to the North Shore again. This time we went to Waimea Bay. On the way there, we saw a sign on a building that looked rather familiar…

Kalbi Beef

kalbi beef

On my recent trip to Hawaii, I experienced some delicious food that I hadn’t had the pleasure of, and looked forward to replicating them in my kitchen. Here is the first – Kalbi Beef. Kalbi Beef is grilled, and because it is thin it cooks very quickly. It is a perfect weeknight meal! This could […]

Around Schofield Barracks, Hawaii | May 8, 2012


While in Hawaii for the Army Family Action Plan Conference, we would have breaks at lunch to go get something to eat. Generally, we would just walk over to the PX and eat at the food court. This was the lovely view while walking over. In the mornings, this field is full of soldiers doing […]

Around the Hotel at Schofield Barracks | May 7, 2013


The day I arrived in Hawaii, after getting settled in the hotel, I walked around outside taking pictures of all the vegetation around the hotel and the hotel courtyard. The "Inn at Schofield" was nothing fancy, a pretty typical military "hotel." The customer service was atrocious, and the internet service even worse. But outside? Ohhhh, […]

Traveling To Hawaii | May 7, 2012


Last week, I traveled for the USARPAC Army Family Action Plan Conference. As it happens, the headquarters of USARPAC is in Hawaii….somewhere I never thought I would go, until a couple weeks ago. After three, long overnight flights of misery (I can’t sleep while traveling) I saw my first signs of LAND!!!