Jerk Chicken Chili | #SundaySupper


This week, the Sunday Supper group is sharing dinners that are quick and simple to put together…as a Back to School feature! We know how crazy it can be with activities when school starts back up. I know in my own homeschooling home, regular things get disrupted, and everything goes haywire until the new routine […]

Uncle Mike’s Chicken Fajitas

Uncle Mike's Chicken Fajitas

Those of you who follow my page on Facebook, might have seen where my Uncle Mike shared a couple of his recipes. The other day, I made his Chicken Fajitas…and WOW! My family devoured them. My husband sat there staring at the dish, as though he could will more to appear.

Picnic Chicken


We don’t “fry” foods around here very often, so we feel like we can splurge on something like this once in a while. All things in moderation. Picnic Chicken is great on the table, and great the next day in a sandwich too…assuming you have any leftovers. In a flat dish, combine parmesan cheese… Bread […]