Army Family & an Autumn Wedding | #OperationInTouch


This past week was slam packed with activities. So many exciting things, and so many lessons and milestones – I barely know where to begin. Over the weekend we had family coming in from all over. Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas and more. We opened our home and had people sleeping everywhere you could lay a […]

Where Were You? | #OperationInTouch

Where Were You?

That’s a question that is circulating all over the internet, the news, and conversation today. Where were you? Where Were You? @FoodieArmyWife #NeverForget911 Click To Tweet There are certain events in our lives, that we always remember where we were when they happened. In 1986, I was in gym class, when the principal announced […]

Summer’s End ~ Sanity Savers | ‪#‎OperationInTouch‬

Summer's End - Sanity Savers

Compensation for this post was provided by Operation In Touch via MSB New Media. Operation In Touch offers special savings, coupons, recipes, beauty tips, and editorial content tailored to the lives of active military families. To find out more, check out their website or find them on Facebook and Pinterest.  All opinions expressed are my […]

Meet Ann Marie

Ann Marie

I want to take a moment and introduce you to this great lady, Ann Marie. I first “met” Ann Marie several years ago, when I came across her blog, Household 6 Diva. At first glance, you might think from a name like “diva” that she’s one of those picture-perfect, too good to be true “women […]


Army Wife

In honor of Thanksgiving, the RCB group has asked, what is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you? There are many things people have done over the years that have been tremendous kindnesses. It is very insanely impossibly difficult to name which would be the kindest. But once in a while, someone will […]

Sequestration and the Military Family


Everywhere I turn lately, all I hear are “furlough-this” and “sequestration-that.” I’m going to do my absolute best to keep politics out of this post, because The Foodie Army Wife is clearly not a political blog. Coming from the perspective of a military family who is seeing this unfold before our eyes, it is pretty upsetting. […]

Redstone Arsenal–Our New Home

Redstone Arsenal

We’ve now been at Redstone Arsenal for over a month. It is a very different installation – vastly different that any place we have ever been. The first week we arrived, we signed for housing on Monday morning and then headed to the PX to pick up the things we needed for our new home. […]

My New Kitchen

My Kitchen at Redstone Arsenal

I have finally “finished” my kitchen. Meet my ‘”Itsy-Bitsy-Teeny-Weeny-Second-Smallest-I’ve-Ever-Had-Kitchenini.” Seriously. This is the second smallest kitchen I have ever had. I had to get very creative with storage. I’ve kind of taken over every closet the house. Okay, not every closet, but it feels like my kitchen has simply invaded the whole house. My glassware […]

PCS 2013: Our New Home


After travelling thousands of miles, our next task was to find a place to live. This is probably one of the most stressful parts of PCSing. Searching for your new home, in a place you don’t yet know. After countless phone calls, and searches and “No, that house is already rented” or “No, we don’t […]