Army Wives – The Show and Changes | @ArmyWives


Most of you have heard of the TV show “Army Wives” on Lifetime. It is a total “girly” show, and not the kind of show I normally watch. I originally started watching it, because I wanted to see how we were going to be portrayed. Then I would sit each week and pick apart the […]

New Year’s Eve–Alaska Style


Last night, of course, was New Year’s Eve.  And how do people in Alaska celebrate the holiday in the sub-arctic? With a bonfire. And not just any bonfire…a massive 20 foot mountain topped with a Christmas tree!

The Holly Days Bazaar


Every year, our local Community Spouses Club hosts a special bazaar called the Holly Days Bazaar. Area craftsmen, artists and more come and sell their creations at this annual event. I was kind of partial to the awesome wood carvings!

Army Family Team Building | #MilitaryMonday


Army Family Team Building. Those of you in the army world out there…have you ever heard of it? AFTB is a series of great classes offered through local Army Community Services at Army installations, to help empower new (and not-so-new) Army families to succeed. There are three different levels, for personal growth, professional growth and […]

We’ve Been Busy


In the last week, we went on a trip to Valdez, Alaska – down by the coast to do some salmon fishing …of course I also did GOBS of picture-taking, and a little geocaching as well. I have already shared pictures from the drive down. But I have so many more to share for all […]

Always Looming | #MilitaryMonday June 4, 2012


One of the things you know as an Army family, is that there is almost always a move looming ahead in your future. While we may still have a year left up here in the Last Frontier of Alaska, we know that a year from now we will be planning our next move. And a […]

Wishing From Afar | May 4, 2012


Normally this happens because the ARMY has taken my husband somewhere…Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Bosnia or a myriad of trainings or field problems. But for the first time, it is me that the Army has whisked away… And so, to my dear, sweet hubby-poo… Happy Anniversary, honey!

Army Wives–Misconceptions

There is a television show that I’m sure many people have heard of, called "Army Wives." I almost hate to admit it…because yes, it is totally a "girl show" …not what I usually watch…but I like it. I have watched it since it began. The newest season just started, and I have to say, I’m […]

Coming Home


There is a new tv show on one of the cable channels that highlights the homecomings of military personnel, showing the gut-wrenching experience of the return from deployment. This show began last night, but I did not, and can not watch it. It is all I can do to bear through the commercials for it. […]