Aurora Borealis – Live!

Aurora Borealis

One of the things I miss most about Alaska besides moose in the backyard and in the freezer, the fresh air, the wilderness, the salmon, the peacefulness….okay, there are quite a few things I miss about Alaska. But one of those many things I miss about Alaska is going out and braving the cold temperatures […]

Planting Roots – A Rocky Start

Planting Roots

When we came to Alabama last year, we knew that this area was the location that we would – after two plus decades of army life – finally retire and begin to put down some roots. Now that we have been here more than a year, we are taking the next step. Dum…dum…DUMMMMMM……… House hunting. […]

Spending Time in Tennessee

Spending time in Tennessee

This weekend we headed northeast to Tennessee to visit the in-laws. Since we last came to visit, a new member of the family joined them. Meet Silas. He’s named after a famous uncle. You know the one. {Quack! Quack!} Silas was determined to jump down on my shoulder.

Cake Decorating Tools


Today I am sharing the second subscription box from My Cake Decorating. This is a monthly subscription service that helps you learn tips, tricks & techniques for decorating your baked goods. The second box came with a binder for holding all of your how-t guides. Reusable piping bags. A selection of tips. Letter cutting kit. […]

Butternut Squash Soup & a Crockpot Giveaway!

Butternut Squash Soup and Crockpot Giveaway!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love using my crockpot? I love using my crockpot so much, that I actually own 5 of them! Yeah, you read that right. Five crockpots. Each of those five crockpots is different and serves its own purpose. Though very soon my number will be dwindling to a mere […]

Where Were You? | #OperationInTouch

Where Were You?

That’s a question that is circulating all over the internet, the news, and conversation today. Where were you? Where Were You? @FoodieArmyWife #NeverForget911Click To TweetPowered By CoSchedule There are certain events in our lives, that we always remember where we were when they happened. In 1986, I was in gym class, when the principal […]