“OPSEC” is a term that means “Operational Security.” It means, being careful what you say, where you say it and to whom you say it. Another term that you often hear is “PERSEC” – which means “personal security.” — Being aware of your surroundings, and taking measures to keep your person/property/family safe.

About OPSEC –

For me, it means, I will never post any specifics about military operations on my blog. But really, this blog is all about food…so what would I really talk about anyways? You might have an idea of what country my husband is in at any given point, but you will NOT know anything beyond that. If you couldn’t find the information in a basic newspaper article (information approved by the Public Affairs Office of the Army) then you won’t find it on here. You will not find specifics, and you will not find details.

These are some examples of what you will not see:

• Detailed information about the mission of
assigned units.
• Details on locations and times of unit
• Personnel transactions that occur in large
numbers (Example: pay information, powers of
attorney, wills, deployment information).
• References to trends in unit morale or
personnel problems.
• Details concerning security procedures.