Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Cooking

What kind of mixer do you have?
I actually have two mixers. I have a Bosch Universal Plus Mixer, as well as a KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer. I love them both for different reasons. The Bosch is my work horse for tough jobs, like kneading multiple loaves of bread dough. The KitchenAid is my all-purpose mixer for everything else. I wrote a post on my thoughts: “A Tale of Two Mixers.”

What kind of sugar do you use? It isn’t white.
I use organic sugar. Because it is unbleached, it is an off-white color. I promise it just regular sugar though!

Why are there specs in your salt?
I use Redmond Real Salt . It is a natural sea salt, that still contains many trace minerals. But you can use any salt in the recipes, unless I specify a particular salt.

Where do you get your wheat?
The wheat I have right now, I shipped with me from North Carolina. It was purchased through one of two local co-ops: Wheat Montana or Bread Beckers.

Is that really your kitchen?
I promise it is. The scenery may change from time to time, because we are military and we are prone to moving – but it is always “my” kitchen.

What kind of cooking oil do you use?
I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for everything. Honestly. The only exception to that, is if I am deep-frying something, which I rarely do. In that case I will use canola or regular vegetable oil, because you are basically wasting a whole bottle at a time. But I use EVOO for all of my baking and normal cooking needs.

Where do you get your recipes?
I have an extensive collection of cookbooks and recipe archives. Many recipes that I develop, come from comparing different versions of the same recipe, and coming up with my own take on it. Some recipes – well – are straight out of my imagination. Those tend to be my favorites.

Who is your favorite celebrity chef?
I have a couple. The first is Ree Drummond. She comes across as very genuine, and I’m a country girl at heart.
My other favorite is Nigella Lawson. She is simply amazing. The descriptive way she demonstrates her cooking leaves you drooling. I want to be her when I grow up.

In regards to cooking with Wine and other alcoholic items.
I occasionally receive questions or comments about cooking with wine or other alcoholic ingredients. If you prefer to abstain, here are a couple resources for making substitutions. Gourmet Sleuth and About.com

Are you professionally trained in cooking?
Only if you consider 7th grade Home Ec or a 1 semester high school nutritional class as professional training. I am a self-taught maven who loves to cook and create in the kitchen.

Questions about The Foodie Army Wife

Do you accept guest posts?
I am not accepting guest submissions at this time.

Do you accept advertising on TFAW?
I am regularly contacted in regards to advertising. I do not accept “infographics” or unsolicited guest posts from companies and/or writers wishing to publish their commercial articles or other content on The Foodie Army Wife. If however, you would like to sponsor a post here on the website, or partner with me in another way please visit the Partner page for more information. Only authentic native content is provided here – meaning everything you see here is written by yours truly. If your company or product is a fit for The Foodie Army Wife’s audience, there are many ways that we can successfully work together.

Who takes the photos on The Foodie Army Wife?
Unless stated, I do!

What kind of camera do you use?
Prior to April, 2011 all of the photos were taken with a Panasonic Lumix. I forget exactly which model it was at this point.
After April 2011 all of the photos were taken with a Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera which was a 20th anniversary gift from my husband.
In August of 2013, I purchased a Nikon D5200 and that is the camera that I have used since then. For my food photography, my favorite lens is the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR FX Lens I also own a variety of other lenses that I used for different reasons.
I do occasionally post photos taken with my iPhone as well, but the vast majority are taken with my Nikon.

Who designed your website?
I did. I have a WordPress based site, and use the Lifestyle Pro Theme from StudioPress. Once I installed the theme, I “tweaked” the CSS to make it look the way I wanted.

I have a blog/website. Will you link to it?
That is not something that I am in the habit of doing. However, if you’d like to leave me a comment and tell me about your blog, please do. I would love to know about it and pay you a visit.

Can I link to your site?
Of course! I am honored that you would like to.

Can I use one of your photos on my site or in my magazine?
The entire contents of this site are protected by copyright. Please do not use anything – photos or text – without my permission. Please ask first. The only exception is the one stated here.

Questions About Military Life

How many times has your husband deployed?
That is a slightly complicated question. If you are only asking about Iraq and Afghanistan, he has thankfully been deployed only 6 times. But he was also deployed to Bosnia pre-9/11. And though not technically a deployment, he did do a “hardship tour” of a year in Korea.

Will he have to deploy again?
Whether he goes again will be determined by the needs of the country, or by whether or not he decides to “drop” retirement papers.

How many places have you been stationed?
We have been stationed in Virginia, Texas, Korea (I stayed in TN), Texas again, Germany, North Carolina, Alaska (my favorite!) and now Alabama.

Can I contact you?
Please do! I can be reached by e-mail or “snail mail” HERE