Food Trucks & #MilitaryMoms


It is such a small world when it comes to the world of military life. You see, right now there is a trio of ladies – Michele, Carol and Wendy – competing on Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. And why is it a small world? Because I have a dear friend who is […]

A Night Out with the Chefs | #DineHSV

A Night Out with the Chefs

Last night the hubby and I went out on a rare date night. This was the first event of Huntsville’s Restaurant Week – a Night Out with the Chefs. I’m so glad I got the tickets when I did, because this event sold out quick! And who are the chefs? Merle Phillip from The Eaves, […]

A Tale of Two Mixers


Just over a year ago, I got a wild hair to replace my Bosch Universal Plus Mixer with a KitchenAid Professional 600. I spent a great deal of time going back and forth in my mind if this was a switch I wanted to actually go through with. My neighbor “Mrs. Q” had gone and […]

Free Digital Cookbook from @AmFam


Back in the autumn, I worked with American Family Insurance and shared a few recipes for their Back to the Family Table campaign. This week they published an e-cookbook and I thought I would share that with you. They didn’t ask me to, but hey, there’s 2 of my recipes in there! You can download […]

Fabulous Food in Huntsville

Fabulous Food in Huntsville, AL

Today my husband and I headed over to the beautiful Huntsville Botanical Gardens for a wonderful event from the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce called Fabulous Food. And fabulous it was! This was my first time visiting the Botanical Gardens, and I was impressed with what a lovely location it was. Even with autumn in full […]

Belle Chevre | Southern Reinvention

Belle Chevre | Southern Reinvention

This weekend past, I went on a short little trip up to Elkmont, Alabama. We skipped the interstate and took the back country roads on a beautiful drive. What were we doing in Elkmont? It was the Southern Reinvention event and launching of Belle Chevre

Huntsville Restaurant Week | #DineHSV

Huntsville Restaurant Week

Today I discovered a new place in town. It is a beautiful old mill that has been converted into scores of art studios, shops and more. It is called Lowe Mill, but I’ll share more about that another time. The reason I went to this interesting place today, was to be there for the announcement […]

Alabama Wildlife Federation Wild Game Cook-off

Alabama Wildlife Federation Cook-Off

This past weekend, we headed south towards Montgomery and spent the day in Millbrook, Alabama. What were we doing there? Why we were on a foodie walk on the wild side! The Alabama Wildlife Federation was holding a wild game cook-off and we had scored some tickets from newly met neighbors.

Confessions of a Red Headed Foodie


A local news lady made national news this week because she was fired after writing a blog post of “confessions” as a reporter. Things like going on air without a bra, not liking old people, and stealing mail…”maybe.” Her bosses apparently caught wind of the post, found it to be a bad reflection of their network […]

An All American Giveaway

All American Foodie

It’s really hot outside, I’ve been working on lesson plans to begin the next homeschool year, I just painted my kitchen, and you know what? I haven’t had a giveaway in a while! Here’s a special goody that I made just for my fellow foodies. You don’t have to be an Army Wife, or even […]

Mmmm–I found Something Today!


So yesterday, tragedy struck.  My brand new Le Creuset Dutch Oven was destroyed in a terrible accident. I don’t want to talk about it. But that led me back to our little Kitchen shop here in Fairbanks. While I was in there, I discovered these. Oh. Em. Gee! Have you ever seen anything so wickedly […]

5 Food Labels that Mean NOTHING

The Huffington Post has a great article about food labeling terms that mean absolutely nothing. NO+THING. The next time you are buying something “natural” – you might want to think again. How about “Local?” One time I was at the store, and the sign above some produce said “Locally grown” and had a picture of […]