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Constance J Smith

Constance J Smith

I’m Constance J Smith – a “seasoned” army wife, shutterbug, homeschool mom, artist and blogger. I am the mother of three nearly-grown kids and in the summer of 2013 made what will most likely be our last PCS, from Alaska to Alabama. Now living in the land of sweet tea and rocket scientists I have begun putting down some roots for the first time, and looking towards life after the army. Besides my passion for food, I love hiking, kayaking, geocaching and other outdoor activities including hunting – you’ll find a few wild game recipes here.

I have maintained a food-related website since 1998, and moved to blogging in 2006. Portions of my content have been published in local and national print, including Home Gourmet Magazine, the Fairbanks New-Miner, the Alaska Post, Military Spouse Magazine, and Keeping It Home Magazine. I have a passion for teaching so if you ever have a question, shoot me an e-mail!

In addition to my cooking website, I am also a contributing writer at Hip Homeschool Moms. I am the webmaster for a local charitable organization.

That’s about it! Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope you take a few minutes to check out my recipes – or better yet, give some a try!



My “Food-losophy”


The family meal.

It is a tradition that I have kept into adulthood. Every evening, my children and I along with my husband (when the Army hasn’t sent him somewhere else) gather around the table for a good, home-cooked meal. When life drags you in all directions, having that daily routine, that tethers you all back together is priceless. I sometimes think that when my husband is off in Iraq or Afghanistan, that he misses my cooking even more than he misses me! (Okay, not really…but it is close.)
In today’s world, I have noticed many families who have foregone this tradition. I have met many people that say they don’t know how to cook very well, simply because they have never been taught.

I am not a professional by any means. I am a self-taught cook…unless of course you can count 7th grade Home Ec. There are no culinary arts classes in my background. You learn as you go, through trial and error. Not every recipe you try is going to make your heart zing. But the more you cook, and the more you experiment, the better a cook you become. And if the bread doesn’t rise, it’s okay! Just give it another whirl.

I encourage families to cook and eat together as often as possible. Even if you’re a family of 1, cooking your own food is fulfilling and certainly better than the fast food “restaurant” on the corner.

About my cooking:

I do my very best to make everything from scratch. I have honestly always looked at mixes as “cheating.” That doesn’t mean I have never used mixes, though. When I was in my early learning years I did! Especially when it came to cakes and such. But over time, the more I cooked, the more recipes I found or developed, the more I was able to toss the mixes. Quite frankly, I like being able to pronounce the names of, and recognize all of the ingredients in the foods I am eating. Don’t you?

I don’t like artificial foods, so for the most part, you will see things made with real butter, real sugar, and real everything else!

So to sum it up, I’m a real Army Wife (I don’t play one on TV,) I cook real food for my real family, and we really do love the family meal time.

I hope to share this love with you.

Welcome to my kitchen!