The Deployment Jinx

What am I talking about? The Deployment Jinx. You can call it any name you want. A Curse. A Hex. The Murphy’s Law of Military Life. But as soon as you finish the goodbyes, and work on getting yourself into the pattern of “Deployment Mode” you are simply biding your time. Something  is going to […]

Dad’s Favorite Roast Beef | #SundaySupper

Dad's Favorite Roast Beef

The day he left for his 3rd Deployment to Iraq.   In honor of Father’s Day, today the Sunday Supper group is sharing dishes in honor of the Dad’s. Whether it is their own father, or the father that lives in their home, these dishes are for them. I am sharing my husband’s favorite Roast […]

Too Cool to Cache?????? Not Girl Scout Troop 2903 | Guest Post

Too Cool to Cache?????? Not Girl Scout Troop 2903 | Guest Post

Those of you who have followed my blog for some time, may remember periodically seeing posts about geocaching, like This One. Today I am going to share with you a Guest Post from “Bloodhounded” at You can see how geocaching makes a great activity for adventurers of all ages! Enjoy! “Hello, my name is […]

The Valdez Trip | June 15, 2012


On Monday, I shared with you how my husband had gone down to Valdez for a Military Appreciation fishing trip out on the waters off the coast of Alaska. When he arrived home, I got the photos off of the camera that he took with him….the few that he took. Apparently I didn’t train him […]