Top 10 Autumn Recipe Round-Up

Top 10 Autumn Recipe RoundUp

I thought I would take just a moment and share with you some of the recipes that are very popular on Pinterest right now. You can really tell what season it is, when you check out some of these favorites! Spiced Pumpkin Waffles are a great way to bring the flavor of Autumn to your […]

Army Family & an Autumn Wedding | #OperationInTouch


This past week was slam packed with activities. So many exciting things, and so many lessons and milestones – I barely know where to begin. Over the weekend we had family coming in from all over. Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas and more. We opened our home and had people sleeping everywhere you could lay a […]

Foodie Fun for a Cause – Rocket Chef

Image Source: Merrimack Hall Website

One of the things I love about my new home, is their love of foodies! Everytime I turn around there is another fantastic food-related event going on here in the Tennessee Valley. I am tickled to share this creative foodie event…The Rocket Chef! Inspired by shows like Iron Chef and Chopped, this event will feature […]

Chicken Joes

Chicken Joes

Sometimes you are in the mood for a fun sandwich, but are looking for something a little different. How about a crockpot “sloppy joe” made from chicken? Chicken Joes are a fun alternative.  

It’s National Coffee Day

Coffee with Constance

Today is National Coffee Day! A whole day to celebrate that dark elixir that saves children and husbands from cranky moms everywhere, every day…or at least it certainly saves mine! In honor of National Coffee Day, I am sharing some of my favorite “Coffee Related” recipes. Coffee Pound Cake Get Up and Go Mocha Breakfast […]